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Physical touch isn’t necessary to send a person Reiki, however, since space and time are really just constructs of our mind and don’t exist outside of it.

So, we don’t even need to know Reiki works to see its effects and know it definitely does!

But I will try to explain the phenomenon scientifically with my non-scientific mind.

Learn how to teach Reiki classes up to the Master Level if you wish as well as activate 33 Reiki symbols inside you that will exponentially deepen your Reiki practice and your life. Taking Reiki has been an amazing journey for my ten-year-old daughter and I. Learning Reiki from Brooke was one of the best experiences of my life and it changed me in many profound ways.

I have been doing a lot of Reiki to family members and friends. Her Reiki book feels very soothing and peaceful, and knowing Brooke, that is because it is infused with her essence…she truly “walks her talk” and is one of the kindest and most loving people I know.

Understand how to give both traditional & intuitive Reiki sessions, how to protect your energy and much, much more! Find out how to clear karma and consciously manifest what you want to create in your life.

Full Details Find out how animals work with energy and how to give a complete Animal Reiki session. Learn how to invite in animal spirit medicine as well as communicate telepathically with animals. Learn about your chakras in great detail as well as how to incorporate crystals & a Reiki pendulum into your practice. Become a Reiki Master Teacher and receive your Reiki Master attunement.

If we tote this stagnant energy around long enough, it eventually creates physical problems.

Hence a common saying in Reiki circles that “our issues are in our tissues.” Luckily, in comes Reiki to the rescue!

We start to believe false things about ourselves and how the world works, and those incorrect thought forms create painful emotions inside of us.

We typically then shove those difficult feelings deep down inside ourselves instead of feeling them, since who wants to do that?

So, so special to connect with amazing humans from over 70 countries, including Zimbabwe, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, Haiti, Brazil, Australia, South Korea, the UK, India, not to mention all the incredible students in the states!