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Who is seth binzer dating

When Celebrity Rehab debuted in 2008, Weintraub got two of his clients on: Mary Carey and Seth Binzer, aka “Shifty Shellshock,” of the band Crazy Town, whom Weintraub found “living behind an alley in Hollywood, smoking crack.” By the third season, which concluded last week, he’d gotten a dozen clients cast in the rehab “brand,” as he calls it. He’s starred not just in Sons of Hollywood, but Bravo’s Date My Ex: Jo & Slade, and has appeared frequently on Celebrity Rehab and Sober House as the manager/friend of clients such as Peniche and Carey.

One of Hollywood manager-producer David Weintraub’s philosophies about business is that if you throw enough against the wall, something will stick.

Or, as Weintraub put it recently: “One of five—someone’s gonna pop.”Weintraub, who is 31, was sitting outside a café in West Hollywood, nursing an iced chai latte.

At first, Ketcham saw the show as a “marketing scam,” she said.