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Who is kendall from big time rush dating

I was so excited to sit down with Kendall, and seriously, he’s just as adorable as you think he’d be in person. ) We asked him all about dating and got some great tips: What’s the best dating advice you can give to teen girls? Just skip it, like the bad guy is never gonna be good in any situation. Maybe it’s just because I was always the nice guy so…

It could also be called Lendall (L/ucy) and (K/endall). This pairing was introduced in Big Time Rocker, and it has many fans. Although Lucy left in Big Time Decision, she made her return in Season 4. Kendall and Lucy didn't start off very friendly towards each other.

"You should be a gentleman." Even though Carlos Pena Jr.

has been dating his girlfriend Alexa Vega for six months now, "I still open the door for her every time I get in the car with her," he tells us. "Don't text when you're trying to make a connection," Logan Henderson advises.

he says a bag with ,000 in jewelry went missing last year.

One day they're playing hockey and trying to pass math, and the next they're on their way to L.

Cooking, I feel like sometimes I do that to try to impress, but also sometimes it can do damage because if you’re too good at cooking then a girl’s like ‘Oh my God, it’s amazing!

’ I’m so busy, I don’t wanna lead anybody on too soon! But I also feel like you’re not doing a lot of making out when you’re wearing red lipstick.” What about other bright colors?

They say they’re the “nice guy” when really they’re jerks. There are so many girls that were going on dates with like the most random dudes and I was like ‘I do not understand it.’ For years, you know.