Start Updating voter registration in florida

Updating voter registration in florida

A: Hillsborough County is a "covered jurisdiction" under the Language Minority Groups provision of the Voting Rights Act, so we are required by law to publish voting material in both English and Spanish.

Click here to update your party affiliation Your party affiliation can be changed to any political party registered with the Secretary of State's Office, or to no party.

A listing of and contact information for all recognized political parties in the state can be found on the Division of Elections web site at

For information about parties' local organizations, see our local political parties page.

You can change your party affiliation at any time, but if you change it when the registration books are closed for a primary election (within 29 days of the election), the change will not take effect until after the election. This means that in partisan primary elections, you can only vote in races of the party in which you are registered.

If a long period of time has passed, or if your signature has changed markedly, since you last registered to vote or submitted a change to your registration, please fill out and submit a Florida Voter Registration Application, which can be obtained online or at any of these locations.

Mark the "Signature Update" block on the application.

When requesting an address change please give us your full name, registration number (if available), date of birth, old residence address, old mailing address (if different from the residence address), new residence address and new mailing address (if different from the residence address), and your signature (if in writing).