Start Updating portage gentoo

Updating portage gentoo

Note that it's always easier to do if you keep up to date regularly rather than going for monolithic batch updates every couple of months.

You can use "--reinstall changed-use" instead of "--newuse", this reinstalls packages with use flags that you have explicitly changed. You should still run with "--newuse" from time to time though.

More tweaks and tips can be found all over the Gentoo Wiki.

Most, if not all of these additional features can be easily found by digging through the manual pages that Portage provides: Finally, know that these are advanced features which, if not worked with correctly, can make debugging and troubleshooting very difficult.

You do need to know what you are doing but the same can be said for apt or yum. Three very recent blockages/breakages I can think of are libcomerr/e2fsprogs, firefox2/3, and xorg 1.3/1.5.