Start Updating plesk

Updating plesk

The time needed to finish the upgrade depends on a number of factors.

If you want to always skip updating of some components, lock these packages to prevent them from updating. Here you can select particular components that have available updates and click Continue to apply the updates to them.

To install all available updates within the current Plesk version, including updates for components such as My SQL or PHP, use the following command: If you have questions or need support, please visit the Plesk forum or contact your hosting provider.

Micro updates are usually applied automatically if this feature is enabled (it is by default).

(*) Parallels Plesk 12.0.18 (Stable) (currently installed) N) Go to the next page; P) Go to the previous page; Q) Cancel installing To select a version, type the respective number; Select an action [N]: If you call the script without any parameters, only micro updates and additional components are applied.

To quit the installer, press Q and then press Enter. You can also call the script with several options, for a full list of those call it with “–help”.

To see all available versions of Plesk during the installation, use “–all-versions”, which will eventually lead you to a screen similar to this: Select the desired products and their versions =============================================================================== The following product versions are available: 1.

In-Place Upgrading of PLESK NOTE: During an In-Place upgrade there may be seconds to a few minutes of downtime encountered.

Also, as with any upgrade it is recommended that you back up your data before beginning.

Let’s rename it to something easier and tweak the execution permissions: ./plesk-installer Welcome to the Parallels Installation and Upgrade Wizard!

=============================================================================== This wizard will guide you through the installation or upgrade process.

If updates are available, Plesk automatically downloads and installs them.