Start Updating headers in ubunta

Updating headers in ubunta

If that does not work, you can have the update manager select the best main repos to use automatically.

When you open your Software and Updates, select "Main Server" from the Download From option.

Any time Ubuntu wants to upgrade my kernel, it doesn't seem to upgrade the headers at the same time.

Found this apt-get update stuck on "Waiting for Headers" very insightful.

You may want to try installing and running netselect, and copying the generated to /etc/apt/Hope this helps.

I've encountered this problem on somebody else's laptop which I was asked to upgrade.

After an hour of head scratching, the inspection of /etc/environment revealed that there was anon-proxy installed on the system. So, check your proxy settings in /etc/environment Sometimes, all you need to do is just switch to the main server for updates.

Select the Ubuntu Software tab, then in the "Download from:" dropdown, select Other... This is mostly because of "MTU size", been having this issue for a while and after some deep inspection i have found out that my isp has an mtu size of 1440 while the default for eth interface is 1500. to set your mtu packet size you can either use the network connection option from the network icon or use terminal as in this link.

Now, in the window that pops up, click "Select Best Server" It will then perform several tests to select the best server for you. Your first and second links are both coded to point to the second site.

I found the information at the site to be descriptive and helpful.

Unfortunately the information at the site may be a bit outdated, and (at least here) doesn't address the problem very well.

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