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Hadrian’s Villa, or Villa Adriana, is perhaps the best-preserved Roman villa complex in the world.

Place names, such as Drowning Pool and Gallows Rock can also shed light on some of the grimmer aspects of the proceedings.

Thingvellir is both historically and archaeologically the largest and most significant assembly site in Northern Europe.

The Althing at Thingvellir formed part of a wider judicial network made up of smaller district assemblies.

The first district assemblies were founded at Þórsnes (Snæfellsnes, west Iceland) and Kjalarnes (southwest Iceland) in 900 AD.

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They were divided into two sessions, the ‘prosecution assembly’ and the ‘debt assembly’ and gathered for up to a week in May for the settlement of debts and disputes.

Midsummer or autumn assemblies usually took place when people were returning from the Althing at the end of July or August and lasted for one or two days.

In addition to the visible remains, conducting archaeological excavations could shed new light on the site and its evolution – information that is unlikely to be obtained anywhere else.

In 1930 Thingvellir was declared a National Park and a law was passed designating Thingvellir “a protected national shrine for all Icelanders, the perpetual property of the Icelandic nation under the preservation of parliament, never to be sold or mortgaged.” In 2004 the park’s cultural values were recognised when it was placed on the World Heritage List.

Thingvellir is the most important cultural heritage site in Iceland.