Start Tom cruise and katie holmes dating

Tom cruise and katie holmes dating

It seems like it was just yesterday when Tom Cruise couldn't contain himself in showing how much he loved Katie Holmes.

I just keep going." Though Katie Holmes didn't mention her ex-husband Tom Cruise, it is highly likely that she is referring to her six year marriage with the Mission: Impossible action star.

The main reason for their split was reportedly said to be about the controversial ties of Tom Cruise with Scientology.

After the media circus that constantly surrounded Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise, it’s likely that the beauty is simply preferring her time away from the spotlight.

The former couple was at one point the it-couple of Hollywood, and it was possibly a bit too much too soon for the former teen star.

Holmes is definitely not pregnant, and there is no wedding being planned by the pair.

The information that has surfaced about Katie and Jamie quite possibly actually being together is tough to ignore seeing as it is Katie and Jamie’s own group of friends that have stated that the two are getting closer to the point where they may be comfortable enough to go public.

The pair has continued to deny that they are an item and new information points at Katie’s ex and her divorce settlement as the reason behind the denials.

A recent update, as shares, states that Tom and Katie have a divorce settlement in place that forbids the actress from dating for a period following the split.

Suri Cruise 2016: Tom Cruise daughter has not seen dad for a long time Katie Holmes has definitely endured a lot, first from being the wife of Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise and then having to file for divorce from him.

But despite all the heartache and hardships that she has faced, the 37-year-old actress Katie Holmes has kept a mostly positive attitude about her rocky life.

Such a claim says that in their agreement, Holmes is not to date publicly until 2017.