Start Team fortess loop validating

Team fortess loop validating

I had heard of this ‘Node’ thing and was pleasantly surprised that it had (and continues to have) a shallow learning curve if you know Javascript.

This project taught me the value of seeing a program’s operation as a series of events that interacted after some event had taken place, but without said event blocking other aspects of program execution.

The use of Bluebird’s Promise library made me glad that the Going from knowing virtually nothing with Node, other than “It’s Javascript for Servers” (TM), to usable product with real-world users is a feeling of great pride for me.

Nick was insightful person who showed me how experience has led to Arijea making three products that fill gaps in the Atlassian Marketplace.

A lesson learnt was that if you’re spending more than 10-20 minutes on a single problem, function call or code path, seek help from your peers!

What I learnt as an intern working for Arijea, the challenges faced and .then() some… My name is James and I am a recent graduate of the University of Wollongong (Uo W).

My degree is Computer Science with majors in Software Engineering and Mobile Computing.

It was great to see a native JSON and UUID type, however this project did not need any special database relations or triggers.

The querying language was virtually the same as My SQL, except for case-sensitive quotes, doublequotes and column names.

Teamwork means collaboration and collaboration means communicating.

At any point, whenever I was unsure about code or design there was someone happy to help out.

Spending two hours attempting to fix a single problem only to have another pair of eyes look at your code and go “Hey!