Start Spending care congressional dating failure

Spending care congressional dating failure

Members of the House and Senate have promised time and again throughout the year to return to “regular order” by passing all of the spending bills before September 30.

Seventy percent of the high-powered routers have gone to schools and libraries, even though the equipment is unnecessary for these rural institutions.

Some of the libraries receiving the equipment have only one computer for citizens to use, and schools receiving the equipment often have only a few computers.

The inactive harbor now shares Akutan territory with the nearby airport.

Residents are required to stake a six-mile hovercraft ride to reach the airstrip, which is located on a nearby island.

Each router is capable of serving a computer network with tens of thousands of users, such as the network of a large university campus; however the routers were installed at sites with only a few users, such as government offices, schools, libraries and other public offices.

Before purchasing the routers, the state identified 1,064 locations to place the routers, but did not investigate which of these actually needed new routers.

The clean continuing resolution exacerbates the spending cliff especially for the non-defense spending category. [4] Congressional Budget Office, “FY 2017 Continuing Resolution Base,” forthcoming.