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From Policy to Implementation: Voter Perceptions of New Smokefree Housing Policies American Lung Association in California - The Center for Tobacco Policy & Organizing Cities across California have been passing laws to protect tenants in their communities from the harmful effects of drifting secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing.

All of California's neighboring states have a higher tax (AZ = $2.00, NV = $1.80, OR = $1.32).

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The industry began it's opposition in the summer: "On July 12, 2016, Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds finally appeared when they coughed up $17 million to create 'No on 56 - Stop the Special Interest Tax Grab… ' And on August 5, they put in another $19 million, bringing their total so far to fight Proposition 56 to $36 million." One tobacco industry ad claims that Prop 56 "cheats schools out of at least $600 million a year." That is a lie.

In fact, Prop 56 will generate $20 million for school-based tobacco prevention programs. California's new tobacco control laws are now in effect In 2016, California achieved the tremendous accomplishment of strengthening its smokefree air law by closing many workplace loopholes.

Sacramento Business Journal - August 22, 2016 Proposition 56 would also raise the tax on electronic cigarettes.

Similar measures to raise taxes on cigarettes failed in 20. GLANTZ: Big Tobacco aims its guns to kill California tobacco tax San Francisco Chronicle August 21, 2016 Public health and medical advocates have been working for nearly two years to increase Californias tobacco tax, one of the nations lowest, by US$2.00. Reynolds Tobacco Company, with a Coalition of Taxpayers, Educators, Healthcare Professionals, Law Enforcement, Labor, and Small Businesses." And on August 5, they put in another $19 million, bringing their total so far to fight Proposition 56 to $36 million.

California communities have long led the way in adopting strong and innovative smokefree air and tobacco control laws.