Start Russian billionaire dating naomi campbell

Russian billionaire dating naomi campbell

And the couple were pictured sharing an intimate embrace.

Vlad and Naomi broke up months ago, and Vlad has been seen with several different models and attractive ladies, and I guess Luo has won his heart.

Anyway, Page Six claimed that Naomi was contacting all of her friends in the fashion industry in an attempt to get Luo blacklisted from ever working again, in America, in Europe and even in China. – that Vladimir Doronin is fighting back and accusing Naomi of “bullying” Luo. Russian billionaire Vladimir Doronin has accused Brit supermodel Naomi Campbell of ‘bullying’ his new girlfriend Luo Zilin, telling friends the couple just want to be left alone.

Naomi is deluding herself if she thinks she can take my husband,’ she warned.

Remember Naomi Campbell‘s Russian billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin?

Today, Page Six reported that Naomi, 42, is attempting to scupper Luo’s modelling career by demanding that her Chinese agents fire her – just days after the younger model was dumped by her New York management.

And a source told Mail Online that Vlad, 50, was just concerned about protecting his love, saying: ‘It’s really sad that Naomi can’t leave Vlad alone since he just wants to get on with his life with Luo in peace.

On Friday, Page Six doubled-down on their reporting that Naomi Campbell is trying to destroy her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend, Luo Zilin.

Luo Zilin, a Chinese model and former Miss China, was a contestant on The Face, and Luo was mentored by Naomi. until Luo started dry-humping Vladimir Doronin in Ibiza.

It seems to be the case that Vlad is just trying to get an unfair dig in at Naomi – he can’t seem to leave her alone.’ Today, Mr Hamil said he had terminated Luo’s contract for ‘professional’ rather than personal reasons, adding he had fired the model on Memorial Day when she told him she was heading back to China – in direct conflict of the plans they had made to further her career. That Naomi is actively trying to blacklist the younger woman who Naomi sees as a traitor and a rival? Or that Vladimir Doronin is turning out to be kind of famewhore, and he likes the attention and he loves that he’s in the center of some huge scandal? I know that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Naomi is in the midst of a major hissy fit and that she IS trying to destroy Luo.

Speaking of Naomi’s self-perpetuating drama machine, remember when she assaulted, beat and scratched a paparazzo in Italy in 2009?

At the time of the incident he was quoted as telling Italian daily newspaper La Repubblica that he had only just started to take photographs of the model when she reacted angrily, shouting at him and attempting to slap him in the face. “For several moments I could see absolutely nothing,” he was quoted as saying, claiming he had sought medical treatment afterwards.