Start Radgridview rowvalidating

Radgridview rowvalidating

If you prefer, you can set the columns to take the available space by setting the column width of the Grid View in the XAML file to *.

Figure 8: Clicking the ID column and moving it after the Name column will cause Rad Grid View to group by the Is Complete and Due Date columns and within that, sort by Name.

For additional information you can check: Run the application to ensure that the Grid View properly displays the 15 records. In the design surface, drag the bottom of the grid up a bit to make room to add a button. Add a Click event for the button and return to the code behind to write the event handler (Example 7).

Although the validation works perfectly, I want to highlight the row which generates an error and also display a tooltip. Make your Item object expose a “Is Valid” property then use a custom type converter to convert it into the background colour.

To begin, open Visual Studio and click on the Telerik menu option.

The key is the Format, which is set to one of the four enumerated Export Format values.

Example 7 shows while later in this section of the article (Example 8, and Figures 10 - 12), you'll see .html, .txt, and Open the file in Excel and you’ll see that the columns and data appear as expected, as seen in Figure 9.

Rad Grid View has a built-in support for grouping with simple dragging and dropping a column header into the top row.