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Rachael taylor dating now

The room was booked in the name of his then girlfriend Rachael Taylor and he departed the next day without checking out.

Matthew Joseph Newton (born 22 January 1977) is an Australian actor, writer, and director who is best known for his role as Terry Clark on Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities.

His career was interrupted by treatment for a depressive illness.

The station suspended his involvement in the broadcasts, which were due to begin on 15 January, after allegations were made public that he had assaulted Brooke Satchwell.

Australian TV Actress Kate Ritchie replaced him at Nova.

Judge Joseph Moore said, "It does not in any way lead the court to give special consideration to his case because he is a person of high profile", referring to Newton's celebrity status; and, "The way in which he has been given particular media attention has acted as a considerable measure of punishment." In November 2009, Newton's hotel room in Kings Cross, Sydney, was trashed after the GQ Men's Award Night in Sydney.

According to media reports, the damage to the room was over $9,000.

Over the next few years, Newton had guest roles in various shows.