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On the inside of the dial cover are: - a stamp with the numbers 84 inside an oval, - a tiny shield with 3 chevrons on it and the words "Argent" beneath it, - the numbers 9225, - beneath that is the number 5.

The other important point is to be sure you take the number off of the movement and not the case as it was generally the practice for U. jewelers to buy lots of cases and movements separately and the customer would select the movement and match it to the case of his or her choice. During that time, a high quality solid gold case might have been matched to a lower quality movement. In brief, these guidelines can be reduced to the generalizations that most U. watches Pre-1850 and most European watches were assembled by a single company and as such more standardized in matching the quality of cases to the quality of the movement. In most cases they are quite helpful and although their production dates may not be published on line, they usually have access to them if they have not been destroyed by fire or some other such circumstance.

Hence, a heavy 18K solid gold case is likely to have a very high quality movement and so on. Barring the foregoing approaches, a general estimate can usually be arrived at through knowledge about the history of watch making innovations.

Although the lever watch was not invented in America, it was the USA who was responsible for the mass production of American lever watches.

Of all the pocket watch mechanism pictures we have seen on the internet, nothing has come close to looking like the mechanism in this watch - please see attached photos. Do a Google search for Swiss keywind pocket watch and click on images, you should see similar examples.

The first pocket watches were constructed in the 1500’s.

These watches are usually erroneously referred to as “pocket” watches, as they were very large and usually hung around the neck on heavy chains.

Like all knowledge this can be somewhat rudimentary and will probably fulfill ninety percent of most peoples needs or it can be inexhaustibly complex and provide ninety five percent of the needs of the seeker.