Start Nichkhun and minho dating

Nichkhun and minho dating

since TTBY sulli has been more like a little sister to him, and as her older brother he looks out for her and enjoys spending time with her. now i'm sorry if you thought you knew something but you don't.

Loving someone is something that you are too afraid to do, because most people that you gave your heart to just keep on breaking it, leaving you destroyed and longing.

I guess there's nothing to be pissed off coz all that im saying is just my assumption of what i see in all the videos. minho still remember this we are supporting you forever and waiting for your coming drama .really love you not just a fan of you .in our heart and soul your in there ..

Thank you for me it is not important if he have a girlfriend or nothing but the important to me is i want to be close with choi minho and be friends and i will support him with his career and i wish that someday i will go to korea to see him.

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