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Is robert plant dating liz jones

But now he insists he is a mature grown-up, ready to commit to a woman of his own age (ie Jones). Could RS be Blur bass guitarist-turned-gentleman farmer Alex James? Over the years she's embroidered stories about friends and family.

" In terms of rock-star biography, Kerr is the closest fit I've found.

He's had the marriages to Hynde and Kensit, followed by a 10-year relationship with a Japanese flautist called Yumi, who ran the hotel in Italy with him.

Meanwhile the rumours have reached frenzy point on Twitter - and the chief suspect is now Jim Kerr. In 2008 she writes: "I don't hate men, and I certainly wouldn't be against Jim Kerr sending me an email, should he be between wives (I waited a very long time for him to divorce Chrissie Hynde, and then he promptly married Patsy Kensit!