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Is joe mauer dating anyone

We held his funeral and buried him a week later, on Opening Day.

I would watch as I sang our second son to sleep (in our bed, because he’s still having a really hard time with all of this), or as I waded through paperwork and laundry, the mundane things that no amount of support can take fully from your plate, even at a time like this, and I would just hate the game.

As his baseline health improved and he no longer needed machines attached to him, he got outside, found he loved the swings at the park, went on long walks with us and with his aunts and uncles and with his nurses, did a ton of things.

When he got sick, then suffered a cardiac arrest, then (after being improbably stabilized, and improving for a few days) a brain hemorrhage that ultimately took him from us, it felt sudden, gut-wrenching, and horrible, but the truth is that the story of his life is still a joyful, improbably long and rich one, and so my grief and despair must blend with gratitude and hope.

He never ate, except via feeding tube and pump, directly to his stomach. His doctors were very impressed by his ability to stay healthy at home.