Start Internet dating good

Internet dating good

We get on brilliantly and love spending time with him.

Most of these, Dr Gavin said, provided very little space for would-be romancers to describe themselves.

The bond formed between customers came, instead, from later communication, particularly online chatrooms.

Just like having a virtual wingman by your side, it takes the hassle and stigma out of dating and paints a better picture of you as a person.

Your friends can even recommend other singles on the site to you, and it doesn't matter who starts the process - your friend can add you, or you can join up and simply give us your friend's email address.

If you hold on in there, the chances of you meeting someone that you're compatible with are much greater.

I almost gave up looking, but have recently met a lovely guy that I share a lot in common with.

You can't do anything but talk and get to know each other. I do recommend several months before actually meeting and be honest if you are serious! We married last April and are expecting our first baby this April. We dated over the net for most of 1998, and were married in England in April '99.

I think that online couples have a good chance of making it, as long as neither party misrepresents themselves. I'm happy that I let myself get into something less than traditional, otherwise I would have missed out on this great love.

Some 94% of UK online agency customers questioned saw their "e-partner" again after the first face-to-face meeting.

Bath University psychologist, Jeff Gavin, surveyed 229 adults, finding web dating worked "for many people".

Dr Gavin said: "What struck us was how the more traditional aspects of relationships seemed strong.