Start How to stop twitter from updating my facebook status

How to stop twitter from updating my facebook status

By the time I learned about that bit of social media etiquette, I already had some true friends hiding my updates.

Some days ago i turned on this facebook connect feature with twitter, which started auto posting all my shared links from facebook to twitter automatically. One more issue was that the links posted by facebook connect didn’t have any text or intro to it, just the shortcut link and that’s all! In this tutorial you will see how to disable the facebook connect feature to twitter, in order to disable the auto posting of the facebook links to twitter account.

Quite helpful, but turned out to be quite irritating. So finally decided to remove the facebook connect feature!

Palo Alto has offered this particular feature for Facebook Pages for quite some time now.

(It’s made by Twitter itself.) 2) Allow Twitter to access your profile.

I probably will continue sharing more photos on Flickr than on Facebook, though I may share some photos both places. Flickr was the first social platform I used heavily and I like having my photos collected there.

I’ll be blogging soon about ways journalists can use Facebook to engage the community and improve their journalism.

I considered whether to keep them synced, but not automatic, but I know I’m not likely to remember very often to put #fb on tweets I want posting to Facebook.