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Grouper dating techcrunch

He said the idea came from a trip to Montreal, where he “hacked Tinder” by turning his profile into a group profile that allowed him and his friends to meet new people while traveling, an approach that led to interactions that were “fun, organic and not creepy.” If you’re like me, you’re already wondering who is or isn’t in your “squad,” but don’t worry — it’s not permanent. As Liebman put it, “A squad is who you’re going out with.” You can have one squad tonight, and a different one tomorrow.

The New York City startup is officially launching its i OS app today, and it’s also announcing a raise of $1.7 million in seed funding from Lerer Hippeau Ventures and First Round Capital.

To use the app, you form a squad with anyone you’re going out with on a given night. Founder and CEO Adam Liebman said the idea isn’t to create a dating app, where there’s inevitably lot of weight (romantic, sexual, whatever) on the meeting.

Matches for the outings are gathered and analyzed first by a computer and then by a human to ensure strong matches.

The excursions are planned in venues throughout 25 cities for six people.

Grouper calls its gatherings a “ready-made party,” not a date.

According to Grouper’s site, the service is no longer offered in London, “temporarily”: Noteworthy recent employee departures include Grouper’s director of international operations Kristen Badal, business development manager Gesche Haas, community manager Lexi Aiassa, and director of community Jaclyn Fu, according to information publicly available on Linked In.

Popular dating startup and social club Grouper has shut down its international operations and fired a portion of its staff overseas and in the U. Founded in 2011, Grouper employed at least 30 people overall before laying many of them off.