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Greg proops dating

Whether it's suggesting that Wayne Brady needs an involuntary liver transplant or pretending to hit Mochrie with the difibrillator, he's all over this sketch in a true act of brilliance.

," possibly because themed restaurants themselves were never that great to begin with.

But in this particular clip, Proops takes the entire game and steals it out from under everyone else as the waiter at a restaurant themed like an emergency room.

He frequently interviews guests with more of a science background than himself and takes his position as a sex educator very seriously. He’s also incredibly warm and friendly, freely giving hugs as he goes throughout his audience.

If Dan Savage is my sexual guru, Greg Proops is my spiritual advice-giving uncle.

After the first hour of Greg Proops’s marathon two-hour The Smartest Man in the World show, the Hay audience was firmly under the spell of one of our finest improv comedians.

By the end of the second hour – an unnecessary rant about world politics and the danger of large corporations – a significant number of people were filing out.

Proops is probably the only person who can call Anderson "homeslice" and get away with it.