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Georgia pagan dating

No racism or other bigotry, sex chat, or harassment are allowed, and this is NOT anyone's mission field, but anything not forbidden is allowed. All those of positive paths, from the novice to the most experienced are welcome here..

Someone between the ages of 40 and 50 who would enjoy go .....

Many indigenous peoples cultivate and honor their 'medicine' relationships with the animal and plant nations, viewing them as elder brothers/sisters in this Creation, as teachers, healers, messengers, and sources of spiritual power.

On this list, we explore all of these aspects of relationship with our animal relatives. This lists' purpose is for Members of the Austin Pagan Community to connect, meet others, share information and generally have a safe, neutral place to hold discussion. Ridge Kindred Spirits/This group is for bringing together Kindred Spirits and likeminds, mainly in the Eastern USA, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Ohio, North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, and up and down the coast, areas, seeking others to gather with, share and possibly meet to become friends and just have a great time, meeting here and there for coffee, tea and great conversations list is meant to be an informational resource to those in the community.

We love to chat and have fun, sharing is our main topic here!