Start Gay male dating cupid

Gay male dating cupid

Dating websites were for lonely people who didn’t have any friends and couldn’t get laid. “And anyway,” she continued, “you are a lonely person who doesn’t have any friends and can’t get laid.” After thinking about what Maude said, and with baldness looming in my future, I swallowed my pride and created a profile.

My favorite is Discreet Adventures, which sounds like a Lifetime movie but is actually a site for setting up extramarital affairs.

In a matter of 48 hours I’d gone from hot to lukewarm to cold.

I would later learn that this is typical on OK Cupid: A new member joins and everyone goes to check them out, sort of like how dogs in the dog park rush over to sniff a new pooch’s ass before quickly dispersing. Even though my daily views leveled out in the low teens (on a good day, I might break 20), I still managed to score a few dates: I met some decent people, like Richard, who did graphic-design work for a digital publishing house, and Dave the Dermatologist.

When we first met, he told me he was an assistant manager at a restaurant, but he wouldn’t say which. Now, I have nothing against people who work at Mc Donald’s: I, myself, dabbled in a career in fast food when I was 19, and the experience taught me that what a person does for a living doesn’t define them.

I do take issue, however, with 36 year-olds with multiple DUIs who couch-surf, lie about their age and are embarrassed about their jobs. When I broke it off with Scott #3 he called me a prick and said if I ever stepped foot inside his restaurant he would refuse to serve me. After the three Scotts, I was exhausted with dating and decided to leave OK Cupid altogether.

I opted for the less nefarious-sounding OK Cupid which, you have to admit, is a pretty self-defeating name. The thing about OK Cupid is that it tells you how many people have looked at your profile each day.

It’s like you can’t do it on your own, so you’re shrugging and turning to the god of love for assistance. The very first day I joined, I had more than 100 views.

In the two-and-a-half weeks we dated, he had six different addresses.