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Gabon dating

1900: death in captivity, in Gabon, of Samory Touré.

1913: Albert Schweitzer founds a hospital in Lambaréné.

1913: the Mitsogo chief Mbombé dies in prison at Mouila.

-5 000: The first pygmies people the territory of the current Gabon.

1480: the Portuguese navigator Fernan Vaz explores the lagoon which today is named for him in the south of the Ogooué delta.

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-400 000 years: shaped stones found near Otoumbi in the middle of the country, attest to inhabitation beginning in this period.

1946: Jean-Hilaire Aubame, founder of the Union Démocratique et Sociale du Gabon, is the first Gabonese elected to the French National Assembly.