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Davao dating

You can come and go as you please, discuss with and who you want to be really yourself without pressure and without obligation.

I hate saying this because it makes it sound like an insult, because it’s not, but I’m just not used to it as an American.

Well, I’ll describe my experience first coming into the country. Going through immigration, I was sweating balls but it was a very painless process because the immigration officer asked me a grand total of one question: how long was I staying.

In order to go to the malls you have to pass through a metal detector or get frisked by a security officer. My estimation is that a lot of the problems that Americans and Westerners experience abroad just come from being idiots and doing stupid things that would get you in trouble back home too.

So, realistically, if you keep your head above water, don’t do drugs, don’t break the law, you’re going to be just fine here.

Here in the Philippines they call it “load” for whatever reason.

You’re buying load for your phone; you get, say, 500 pesos worth of load and that’s good for calling, texting, your phone or whatever.

Now, obviously, I mean there’s going to be corruption here, there’s going to be corruption there, but don’t be an idiot and life will turn out fine for you.