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Galleries I Live In Dallas Radio inspiration Lakewood Brewing Company Live Music Martin House Brewery Music Nasher Sculpture Center non-profits Oak Cliff Peticolas Brewing Company Photography podcast Rahr & Sons Brewing Restaurants SMU Theater things to do Untapped Festival wine Women Laura Seewoester-Bute was raised in Dallas, on the North side.

In Dallas proper you can find an IMAX at Northpark Center and a one other location. Pokey O's - This mom and pop ice cream parlor in Dallas has been open since 2006 and offers a wide variety of flavors of homemade ice cream, cookies, flavored popcorn, and other delights.

For something novel and delicious, try one of their new Ice Cream Tacos.

The Children’s Center (2nd floor) is a whole floor of interactive resources and they offer tours geared towards kids and families. Cedar Hill State Park - This little natural area just outside of the city is a great place to explore the outdoors with hike and bike trails, picnic areas, camping and swimming, fishing and kayaking on Joe Pool Lake. Dallas Children’s Theater - In addition to children’s play, the Dallas Children’s Theater also offers classes in spring, summer and fall. Dallas Zoo - In addition to the zoo’s typical year-round programs, they have concerts in the park every Saturday during June and July. White Rock Lake - White Rock Lake offers numerous park and lake activities without leaving the city (although sorry kids, no swimming).

With free yoga classes for members and indoor climbing at it's best, you can increase your rappelling skills without having to weather the elements. Dallas Library - Dallas’ main library's official name is J. It isn't exactly a place to run around and scream, but it’s not necessarily a place to sit still and be quiet for hours on end either.

They have a pool, park area, picnic tables, some light food and snacks, volley ball courts, grills and they generally host cool events (like crawfish broils and brunches) selectively throughout the year.

They also have a bar, so it’s a good time for the parents too. Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse - Located in the Galleria, Slappy’s Puppet Playhouse is like a variety show for kids, with funny productions involving puppets and marionettes. Fort Worth Stockyards - In addition to cool, saloon style boutiques and various “old west” activities, the Fort Worth Stockyards does a daily cattle drive at am and 4 pm.

For a $2.00 per person entry fee and a fist full of nickels, you and the family can play games all afternoon.

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