Start Dating site based on astrology

Dating site based on astrology

The app pulls your most recent profile picture to make it your Align profile picture. Since the app was released only in LA, it might not take in any other zip codes.

The most popular and well known example of astrology is the Zodiac – twelve different astrological signs that everyone is born under and is believed to have influence over personalities and the course of your life.

People who believe in astrology and the Zodiac believe that your astrological sign can help you find someone who is most compatible with you or, perhaps more importantly, help you identify people that you won’t be compatible with.

Elite Astrology promises that using their website can help add variety to peoples’ social lives and can increase their chance of a quality match, both when looking for friends or looking for a romantic partner.

“The language of astrology hasn’t been updated in decades, and in creating Align, we wanted to bring astrology into the twenty first century.

Unfortunately they do not post their prices and membership options on their homepage – you’ll have to set up your registration before you’ll get access to that information.

If you have any experience with this website, please leave your Elite Astrology Match reviews below.

The size and proximity of a match varies based on your compatibility with them.