Start Dating service for deaf people

Dating service for deaf people

There has been a class action lawsuit against IJL in the U. In my experience, there has been nothing personalized about the IJL service, no level of service to justify the extravagant membership fee, and no indication that the membership isn't more limited and of the same/ lesser quality than sites like

From these dates, 70 percent of them result in a second date. This is a cash cow for the company and the employees are unprofessional and untrained. I live in a major city and 95% of the dates they had chosen for me live atleast 2 hours away. They never paid any attention to what I had asked for and would continue to set me up with men with children who lived 2 hours away. One "match" actually sent me half naked pictures of himself the following day so I wouldn't forget what he looked like. It was as if they just picked men at random and gave no thought to who I was matched with. Many times at the dates I would pay the full bill just to get out of there.

I am sure that some people have success with IJL, but I suggest doing your research before joining.

It appears that their membership fee has increased dramatically in the past 5 years, while the duration of membership and number of dates promised for the fee has decreased.

Once you join this service, you are given a confidential interview over the phone or at one of the It's Just Lunch offices.