Start Dating boy two years younger

Dating boy two years younger

If you really like this guy and you think he might like you back, it could be worth a shot.

Simple: fresh coffee and you’re good to go in a weeks time when they meet.

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And don’t worry about this happening in the future – once you get older, a two or three year age difference in a couple actually becomes super common and really isn’t a big deal at all.

Try to forget about how your parents are teasing you and focus on your own feelings.

” or “We’d be okay with you dating him” and they’d also call me a cougar. They may have been called “cougars” by the media, but they didn’t let it affect their relationships.

This isn’t the first time this has happened either – the last boy I liked was younger than me also. That being said, I know that it can still feel weird to be crushing on someone who isn’t the same age as you, especially when they’re younger.

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So, trust me, there’s nothing wrong with you for liking younger dudes.

While an age gap might be a little awkward sometimes, if two people like each other enough they can make it work.

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