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Dating a vampire chinese movie

Two Stupid Assistants Lam Ching-ying’s One-Eyebrowed Priest would actually have a pretty great life if he was able to find good help, but the only people who ever respond to his Craigslist ads are, as one rival snarks in , “Maybe stupid or foolish, or even idiot! There’s always a dumb, cowardly one who’s ugly, and a cocky, handsome one who knows kung fu.

Sammo Hung makes his only on-screen appearance in the series as a waiter who sings happy birthday right before Lam Ching-ying gets punched in the face with a wooden fist on a spring (don’t ask), and Richard Ng winds up frying a ghost, and then gets chased around by the beer-battered phantom while it makes Donald Duck noises.

It also contains the only political commentary of the entire series when Richard Ng tells his spooky companions: “Opposites don’t coalesce.” “What about one country, two systems?

But the last 20 minutes sweep away any concerns over its place in Hong Kong movie heaven as the two hopping vampires go on a bouncy rampage through downtown Hong Kong, the SWAT team are called into action, and Lam Ching-ying dispenses meta-dialogue like: “My master Sammo had Spooky Encounters, now he’s met the Dead and the Deadly. My name is Lin Ching-ying.” ) as a fake Taoist priest who cons the gullible with the assistance of a father-son ghost team who travel inside his umbrella.

He comes across a village terrorized by a witch (Pauline Wong, as usual) and her unstoppable minions who want to rip off everyone’s heads and beat them to death with their own skulls.

Unfortunately, being Western, the vampire is immune to all of Lam’s Taoist charms so it’s up to the child vampire to turn himself into a suicide bomber, hopping into combat in an explosive vest to save the day.

formula transplants Lam Ching-ying’s One-Eyebrowed Priest to modern-day Hong Kong.

, a 2013 Hong Kong horror movie that raked in big bucks at the box office, then became one of the top-grossing Hong Kong movies in Taiwan.

It’s won a slew of awards and played plenty of prestigious film festivals, but what actually put it on the map is the fact that it contains hopping vampires.

The ranks of pretty lady ghosts include Carrie Ng (). They’re the kind of movies where Carrie Ng’s pretty lady ghost possesses Chin Siu-ho and causes him to instantly grow breasts as big as weather balloons that allow him to float up into the air and over a wall. Vampire, meaning that yes, we now live in a world where miniature hopping-vampire kids play baseball with human hearts and breakdance. offers the most thrills and the least pee jokes, which turns out to be the golden ratio.

Note: While the same gruesome crew is responsible for most of Hong Kong’s hopping-vampire movies (actors Lam Ching-ying, Chin Siu-ho, Pauline Wong, and Moon Lee; producer Sammo Hung and director Ricky Lau), in Taiwan an equally dedicated crew of cinematic craftsmen have been movies about a hopping-vampire child who pees and farts on everyone. It also contains Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan’s Chinese opera school buddy, Yuen Wah, as the titular vampire.

” the ghost zings back, referring to Hong Kong’s proposed governmental system of self-rule under Mainland China.