Start Dating a reference letter

Dating a reference letter

[Street City State Zip Code] [Phone # Fax phone # Messages phone # Email] [Date today] [Recipient's address block - optional] [Address] [Address] Dear [Recipient's name] or To Whom it May Concern: [First and foremost, if you don't feel comfortable writing a letter of recommendation, don't.

Don't forget to write the date and the name of the home university.

The name of the program you are applying for should come out explicitly in the body of the text, in order to make clear that the letter has been written for that occasion.

Your reference letter should be formal in both format and tone, and describe the positive characteristics or skills that the candidate brings to their work.

It should in any case be clear that the professor had the opportunity to get to know the student well and assess his/her capabilities.

Same as in other application documents, the direction should be from facts/experience to qualifications, and from those, to value judgments.

Especially those skills relevant for the desired program should be outlined throughout the paper.

Sample Reference Letters Formatting the Reference Letter Drafting the Reference Letter Finalizing the Reference Letter Community Q&A If you are in a supervisory position, whether at work, school, or within a nonprofit organization as a volunteer, you may be asked to write a reference letter for someone.