Start Current feminist theory in validating women39s own

Current feminist theory in validating women39s own

The beginnings of such a liberalism appear in Mary Wollstonecraft's work." --Ruth Abbey Abstract: This paper aims to investigate whether and in what respects the conceptions of the body and of agency that Judith Butler develops in Bodies That Matter are useful contributions to feminist theory.

Sections: Introduction, Theory and knowledge, The diversity of feminist theory, Feminist theories of power, The practice of power, Resistance, visions and strategies for change.

Dated 1993 - A Compilation of Messages from WMST-L Subscribers in response to this request: "Does anyone have handy, at her or his fingertips, a few references for articles defending feminists "doing theory" from the attacks against theory (esp.

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Many people incorrectly believe that feminist theory focuses exclusively on girls and women and that it has an inherent goal of promoting the superiority of women over men.

In reality, feminist theory has always been about viewing the social world in a way that illuminates the forces that create and support inequality, oppression, and injustice, and in doing so, promotes the pursuit of equality and justice.

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