Start Comcast dvr guide not updating

Comcast dvr guide not updating

If anyone can over more insight to this issue please do so.

That's what I end up using my feature loaded TV 90% of time anyway (only for over than x2 times of the price of the same size monitor) :-((( I am in a similar predicament as you all. Maybe I should return the products and try Pinnacle.

Then LG called back and said it was a problem between Comcast and Gemstar TV Guide, which they are trying to work out.

I called Comcast Cable; and, they have no idea what I was talking about.

I downloaded the new firmware file and burned it to a CD-R, but the Philips unit would not read the CD-R. My cable carrier is Astound Broadband in Walnut Creek, California (SF Bay Area). It appears that Comcast is slicing and dicing the lineup which interferes with the required information for the TV Guide functionality to operate.

I am getting close to returning this unit and getting one with the free basic Tivo. The required carrier signal is offered only in the Digital Classic and above packages.

Similar to all of your stories, the TV Guide On Screen does not work even after waiting the 24 hours.

I called Philips and they suggest I perform a firmware upgrade.

They hinted that they think it is a Comcast problem, but wouldn't say for sure. I am using a cablecard on COMCAST in Northern New Jersey. The Gemstar TV Guide site has no way to contact them.