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Christianity dating back luther calvin

One of the most striking differences between Orthodox and Protestant worship is icons.

Therefore, it became axiomatic that any human attempt to depict the transcendent God in a visible representation was not only a gross superstition, it also deformed our understanding of the true God and distorts our worship of the one true God ( This principle is valid in light of the predominance of paganism in the ancient world.

The Old Testament injunctions against idols and graven images were necessary in order to protect the purity of Israel’s monotheism.

For Calvin even the depictions of cherubim in the Old Testament Tabernacle cannot justify the use of images.

Hence it is perfectly clear that those who try to defend images of God and the saints with the example of those cherubim are raving madmen.

Calvin devotes no little attention to the issue of icons.

He devotes three chapters of this book to attacking the icons (Book I, chapters 10-12).

According to Georg Kretschmar: “Calvin built up the most precise and radical position opposed to the icon theology of the 787 Council of Nicea” (19).

Where Luther was quite tolerant of images in churches, Calvin and his followers were much more vigorous in their opposition to images in the church.

One sees the icon of Jesus Christ the Word made flesh.

One also sees an icon of the Virgin Mary, icons of the angels, and icons of the saints.

But Orthodoxy allows for the depiction of God the Son after his taking on human flesh.