Start California law for minors dating

California law for minors dating

For example, in Kansas, if someone 18 or older has sex with a minor no more than four years younger, a Romeo and Juliet law limits the penalty substantially.

Another rationale comes from the fact that minors are generally economically, socially, and legally unequal to adults.

By making it illegal for an adult to have sex with a minor, statutory rape laws aim to give the minor some protection against adults in a position of power over the youth.

In the latter case, in most jurisdictions, the person who has reached the age of consent is guilty of statutory rape.

In some jurisdictions (such as California), if two minors have sex with each other, they are both guilty of engaging in unlawful sex with the other person.

This makes conviction more frequent in cases involving minors.

In the past, the solution to such problems was often a "shotgun wedding", a forced marriage called for by the parents of the girl in question.

This rationale aims to preserve the marriageability of the girl and to prevent unwanted teenage pregnancy.