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Pippa Black (born 16 October 1982) is an Australian actress.

Recent projects include Gemma Lee's short film The Wake, which premiered in June at the Palm Springs International Short Fest, and independent film Emergence, written and directed by, and starring Anthony Furlong.

After successful relationships between Black Sticks Gemma Flynn, Honor Carter, Kayla Whitelock and their All Black partners, Hayward said she was keen on the idea of landing an All Black herself.

And let’s assume we’re talking strictly about straight people, since obviously the gender roles in non-straight relationships are going to be much more complicated. The homette Kimmy Frye did a blog a while back about a “Turnaround Party” in New York.

Since we’re saying it’s ok for gay people to throw off the yoke of societally acceptable gender roles, should straight people be allowed to do the same? Her take: I have zero interest in meeting a man who thinks this is an awesome idea. I do not like skinny jeans wearing, Zac Efron hair flipping, weird, non-prescription glasses sporting, take longer than me to get ready men.

I know enough gay folk to know that, well, they’re gay.

You can’t pray it away, suppress it, destroy it, or treat it with medicine if you wanted to. And for me to say that they CAN’T or Shouldn’t be with another person of the same sex would be ludicrous to me. But what about the gender role part of that equation?

The Black Sticks have begun preparations for the Rio Olympics at a camp in Orewa and 25 players are hoping to make the cut for Rio after April's Hawkes Bay Cup, but Hayward has set a few extra goals."You're going to say 'what are your goals for the year?