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Back dating job sizties wiring

Splice into this wire and bring it to the vehicle side of the trailer connector. The connector should come with a list specifying which pin handles which circuit.

The brake lights will flash for the turn-signal function--it's up to the flasher relay in the car to know when the brake lights are on and to flash the appropriate filament.

So technically, you need only three wires to the trailer plus a ground wire.

There also may be a 12-volt circuit for running lights inside the trailer or for charging the trailer battery in the case of a travel trailer.

This circuit probably will be hot whenever the engine is running, but it may be controlled by a switch on the dash.

Desperate Times, Desperate Measures Trailer wiring may be easy.

Many vehicles, particularly pickups and SUVs, come prewired for trailers.

It installs in the harness just before the trailer connector.