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Chess is the only game that has a special word to announce doom for the defeated person.

Opposing warriors may emerge to peacefully play a (metaphorical) game of battlefield soccer, but beyond a brief respite, minds will not be changed.

And because positions will not shift, if you want to maintain that rosy and peaceful attitude toward your spouse, the less you actually know about the particulars of his political beliefs, the better.

To make things even more stressful is the fact that she recently told a couple of people that I hit her, but it’s not true. I’m not sure why she has been acting like this lately.

She did just find out that her mother has breast cancer, and that might be playing a role in her behavior.

We just cannot seem to talk/debate like calm people. We’ve attempted to bar political talk completely from the house, as we know what it does to us, but the conversations are inevitable as elections draw closer.

How can you live and love peacefully with a spouse whose political and social views are so totally opposite of yours? There are days where I cannot stand him, knowing where he stands on certain things.— Left Out Liberal Dear Left Out: I never imagined it would come to this, but I do now believe that, if maintaining a peaceful relationship is a core value for you, you should completely avoid discussing politics until after the election.

My theory is that when you understand and accept this about your in-laws, you will be able to peacefully and respectfully wave at them from across the divide. I am a nervous wreck thinking about how to approach him. Unless he has a sophisticated commercial marijuana ranch down there, you should assume this is for his own use, and leave it alone.

If you absolutely cannot stand it and must confront him about this, you will have to tell him the truth about your own behavior.

We are currently experiencing a period of extreme political and cultural challenges.

But the way for you to move past this is to buck up, get busy, let your anger turn toward advocacy and simply stop expecting people on the other side of the political spectrum to ever feel sorry for you. By Amy Dickinson February 15, 2017Dear Amy: I was snooping in my son’s basement and discovered he is growing weed. He could lose his job, house, reputation and shared custody of his daughter. — Sad Mom Dear Sad: Here’s what you should do: Stop snooping in your son’s basement.

Obviously, if you found this in the basement, so could she, and this would put his daughter in an even worse position than you are in, because involving her in this sort of secret could be ruinous for their relationship, and disastrous down the line.