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Alabama, which joined the union as the 22nd state in 1819, is located in the southern United States and nicknamed the “Heart of Dixie.” The region that became Alabama was occupied by American Indians as early as some 10,000 years ago. During the first half of the 19th century, cotton and slave labor were central to Alabama’s economy.

S., Mowa Band of Choctaw Indians 1080 Red Fox Road Mount Vernon, Al 36560 Phone: 1-251-829-5500 E-Mail: [email protected] Piqua Shawnee Tribe 3412 Wellford Circle Birmingham, AL 35226 E-Mail: [email protected] Clan of Muskogee Creeks 242 County Road 2254 Troy, AL 36079 Phone: 1-334-399-3612 E-Mail: [email protected] Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation (formerly United Cherokee Intertribal) P. Box 754 Guntersville, Al 35976 Phone: 1-256-582-2333 E-Mail: [email protected] Lower Creek Indian Tribe of Alabama 202 North Main Kinston, Al 36453 Phone:1-334-565-3038 E-Mail: [email protected] are many sources with information about the Cherokees.

Creek An agent for the Creek Indians was appointed as early as 1792 and was permanently established by 1800. Letters received by the Office of Indian Affairs from the Creek Agency in the east, 1824-1836, have been microfilmed by the National Archives as part of their Microcopy Number M234, Rolls 219-225.

For a time, his responsibilities included all the Indians south of the Ohio River and east of the Mississippi River. Copies are available at the National Archives and at the Family History Library and its family history centers (their microfilm roll numbers 1660949-1660955).

For example, see: This book provides the name of the head of the household and the number of whites and full-, half-, or quarter-blood Indians in the home.