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Chatroulette hotsex

Il contient des textes, des photos et des vidos classes X qui peuvent tre choquantes pour certaines sensibilits.

A second, related feature is Channelroulette, which lets you start or join a channel with a custom title/theme.

Unsurprisingly, the top user-created channels are primarily focused on sex.

Check out SFWeekly editor Alexia Tsotis’ experience here on Tech Crunch, for instance.

It was of course just a matter of time before sites started collecting screencaps from all those mostly NSFW funny, weird, disturbing, [insert appropriate adjective] video chat sessions and turned it into a phenomenon of its own right.

Chatroulette, the Internet phenomenon that allows users to jump into video chats with random, anonymous strangers (and all too frequently, their genitalia), has launched some new features that give users a bit more control over the kinds of fellow Chatrouletters they’re paired up with.

As first noticed by New Tee Vee, Chatroulette has launched a feature called Localroulette that will use your IP address to direct you to a channel with other users from your region.

Look for more changes from Chatroulette in the near future.