Start 3dxchat adult

3dxchat adult

From this menu you can send private messages, add them as a friend, invite them to visit your home(s), “partner” with them (i.e.

You can also go to either of your homes or shared user rooms.

There are a few group activities (besides the obvious) to participate in which include dancing, playing beach volleyball or a fun game of spin the bottle.

When you sign up for 3DXChat you will be given a starting allotment of 1,000 XGold.

Currently public areas include the beach, nightclub, sin club, Love Island and a yacht.

Moving around in game is accomplished by pointing and clicking with the mouse.

Want to sit or lie down, walk up to a chair or bed and click “sit” or “lie” to get it done.

Avatars include key face customizations including selectable face type, skin tone and hair style.